Simplex Departments

Simplex Departements


R & D

The R & D department is one of the company's main pillars. Where it is constantly searching for the best new technologies in the field of engineering or industrial, and they occur in the long term a large impact through the ability of the future machine to enter new markets and areas more based on the vision of the company expected and expected.
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Simplex Quality

Quality section

The quality department of the company's factory works continuously, supervising the production process from the first moment until the delivery of the machine to the customer, in order to ensure that it does not violate the international standards of the machine and to maintain the efficiency and accuracy of the product.
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Simplex Maintenance and Technical Support


The maintenance and technical support department of the company is the longest continuous section with the customer. The company starts the after sales service program. The maintenance team implements a periodic maintenance program for the machine each month. The company has recently provided emergency maintenance service to the machine immediately in case of Any malfunction before the specified maintenance date.
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The training department is one of the most important departments of the company, where it works on the rehabilitation of customers to deal with the machine in a practical way, and are trained on the latest programs of drawing two and three dimensions and their continuous supply of the best designs that can develop their work and products.
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Simplex Marketing


Simplex's marketing department is concerned with the mechanisms of communication with customers through different channels of communication, such as live or dial-up, and indirect via electronic means of communication
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Sales Department is the channel through which the client can communicate with the company and negotiate the form of the machine and its capabilities from the offers provided by the company and continue with the client until the machine is fully delivered.
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