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Simplex story

Simplex began as an idea after studying the Egyptian market and discovering some of the needs that we, as an Egyptian youth, had to meet. The purpose of establishing Simplex was to bridge the gap between relatively high-priced European machines and medium-quality Chinese machinery. It also worked to provide after-sales services and periodic maintenance and emergency in Egypt instead of waiting for the import of machines from abroad or the loss of time and effort and increase the cost in the waiting for experts to conduct some work, training or light maintenance.

Simplex was established in 2013 and the actual activities of the company were started in the same year during its own manufacturing workshop. In 2014, the company opened its first plant in Salam City 2015. Average plant 206-2017 Large factory

Simplex has been able to maintain and progress in the Egyptian market in five years after obtaining the exclusive right to use the products of Schneider Electric, the leading company in the field of energy management and automatic control, and HSD Italian.

The success was the company's ally after that, as the company was able to top the list of 14 Egyptian companies contributing to the industrial revolution in the Arab world, according to the World Economic Forum, according to a study based on the most important investments involved in the Arab world for emerging companies.

A large number of Egyptian newspapers were interested in publishing the news as a strong image of the Egyptian youth movement in the field of technology and industry in Egyptian society.

Over time, the company was able to export its products to various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Sudan, Libya and South Africa.

The company offers a wide variety of products, providing the customer with the flexibility to choose the right machine for the job, as well as providing highly efficient parts and machine components. The company believes that it is an appropriate policy to serve as many manufacturers as possible, Spare parts and what can be produced easily and easily.

The company has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and events related to the industrial market, whether related to wood, advertising or engineering industries, to present the latest updates, additions or services aimed at developing the industrial market in an organized and practical manner.

Simplex Goals

• Simplex seeks to reach the best scientific level that can be applied on the industrial ground.
• Providing an Egyptian product that can compete in the international market and export it abroad to contribute to the Egyptian economy.
• The company is interested in training and qualifying young people to join the industrial market.
• Production of advanced machines serving the sectors that affect the Egyptian economy.
• Assistance in the industrial revolution inside Egypt.
• Spread the culture of CNC technology and try to work to raise the level of industrial society and Egyptian labor.
• Opening and providing job opportunities within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Simplex Values

The company has defined its strategies to serve the community as it cares about:

• Industry: Egyptian machines with high-quality European specifications and international standards.
• Customers: Continuous communication with customers through the provision of pre and post-sales services and their ongoing support through training workshops and display the latest technologies.
• Quality: Simplex seeks to guarantee the quality of the machines provided to the customer through cooperation with Schneider, the leading French company in the field of energy management and automatic control and "HSD Italian".
• Support: The company provides feasibility study, theoretical and practical training, and periodic and emergency maintenance services for machines.
• People: The company is interested in providing different training for young people to understand the labor market and various industrial areas, which contributes to the capture of available jobs.

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